How to turn an  offline printer online in Windows 7, 10, or mac. Its gonna be pretty straightforward technical steps and your gonna just jump right into it and the first thing we’re gonna do is follow the steps:

  1. Open up the star menu by left clicking on the start button.
  2. Now you have to type in printer the best manager comes up should say “Devices and Printers” right above control panel.
  3. Tap to left-click on this once to open it.
  4. Now underneath Epson printers you want to make sure this view is expanded if it looks like this you want to click them.
  5. A little arrow next to printers once to expand the view should be something that resembles your default printer.
  6. Epson Printer something along those lines and to give you an even greater hint it probably a little check-mark next to it which will indicate it is your default printer.
  7. Next right clicks on it and gonna left click on printer properties.
  8. Click on the port’s tab at the top and now default port should be check marked.
  9. Use this scrolled to find it and once you have found the one that’s check marked and you have clicked on it.
  10. Once to select this port you want to left click on this configure port button right here underneath SNMP status enabled.
  11. Unchecked this box and then click on OK.
  12. Restart computer and you turn your printer back off.
  13. Turn it on again and hopefully your problem has been resolved.

Epson printer offline troubleshooting

How to Change an Epson Printer from Offline to Online status in windows by following technical steps are given below: Solve printer printing problems and one of the main ones is if there’s no printers installed. If it says offline and you want it to be online so this problem. Because of the printer spooler that’s the main problem.

  • Hold the windows button and the R button at the exact same time.
  • One and R and this will pop up and you have to type in services dot MSC.
  • Click OK.
  • it should pop upright here as you can see the service section has popped up and you have to scroll down all the way to print spooler.
  • Start this service if it’s already started and it’s not working you could try stop and then start or alternatively you could restart the service.
  • Try to print.

Epson printer not connecting to mac

How to reset printing system in Mac OSX might be a major issues can be fix by  resetting the Epson printing system might help resolve issues. If you get a printer offline message or printer not responding, error message. Resetting the printing system deletes all devices in the printers and scanners queue. This technical step includes all kind of printers.

  1. Click the Apple menu.
  2. Tap to click system preferences depending on your version of OS X.
  3. Next, click print and fax print and scan or printers.
  4. Scanners right-click or hold control.
  5. Click the blank space in the printers list.
  6. Next, Click reset printing system
  7. Click reset to reset the printing system.
  8. If prompted enter an administrator name and password.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Add your printer to the print queue and try a print.