When printer status is offline or paused it means Brother printer is offline and can’t printer. If you want to keep brother printer online, then you have to follow article. Brother printer keeps going offline is not a big deal to troubleshoot it.

brother printer offline how to turn online status by following the article. If you are unable to fix brother printer offline, then feel free to call us. Our certified technical experts can help you out in sort span of time and in quick time your brother printer will get back to online.

How to fix brother printer paused issues you might be getting on your Windows 7 or windows 10 device. So if you are experiencing this error for the first time this article will hopefully provide a very in-depth and thorough walk through how to resolve this problem. So without further ado let’s get right into this and we are going to start by opening up the

Brother printer keeps going offline windows 10

1. Start menu just want to left on it once to open it up.
2. Type in printer best manager comes up on Windows 10.
3. Next Devices and Printers right above control panel.
4. Left click on this once open it up now you want to go underneath the printer section.
5. If for some reason the view is collapsed.
6. It looks like this you want to left on the little arrow to expand it so you can see all your printers.
7. Now select your default printer.
8. In most cases it’s pretty obvious and another hint is that there’s a little check mark next to it.
9. Restart Your computer and try a print.

Fix Brother Printer Windows 7

Set default printer and very likely it is going to be the one you’re experiencing the problems.
Once you have identified which printer is causing the issue and it shouldn’t be that hard to find out.
1. Right-click on it and then left click on printer properties
2. Click on properties at the bottom here.
3. Next tap on this printer property right here.
4. left-click on the port’s tab at the top right here.
5. Set Printer default port should already be check marked and it probably will be highlighted Select this ports tab you want to select it if it’s not automatically selected just by left clicking on it
6. Once and then you want to left click on configure port right here.
7. It says SNMP status enabled you want to uncheck this box and then click on OK at this point you can close out of all of these open and active windows.
8. Restarting your computer
Therefore, then attempt to print out whatever you were having issues with before so I also would recommend you also turn on your printer turn offline to online  and on again one time but that should be pretty self-explanatory.