Setup Hp printer 3830 wireless printers from first to end point. You can wireless print you can also fax scan or copy other documents.

  1. Unbox the printer 3830 so inside Ink later on and connect your USB.
  2. Set up the ink inside connect the power cord and Install the ink.
  3. Make sure you get two ink cartridges one was the tricolor and another one was a black.
  4. Start with the black ink so the slugs for the ink they are on the left side of the printer.
  5. Choosing different size of the cooper and there is one interesting thing about this printer it makes interest.
  6. Selected English earlier as language and say yes and USA yes and hit continue.
  7. Hp Printer 3830 can be connected with home internet network from the printer.
  8. Click on setup icon and wireless start searching for my wireless router and connect with wireless network.

when printer was not connected with wireless network shows blue icon at the top of the wireless and blinking solid blue which indicates that it has been connected to wireless internet.

Hp Officejet 3830 software install

Install Office-jet 3830 wireless connection between printer and desktop manually. Hp Office-jet 3830 driver free download and install follow the instructions are below and Setup Hp printer 3830 wireless:

  1. Now go to official 12 3. /og 3830 and download the drivers 3830 Office-jet.
  2. Download Hp Officejet 3830 as per operating windows version.
  3. Hit next and agree and install so not installing the app in desktop while the app is downloading.
  4. Here don’t need any activation activated services from HP or anything like.
  5. See if it can print something so after downloading the app.
  6. Follow the screen have not activated any services.
  7. Opened up one MS Word file that try to print.
  8. While printer selecting you saw printer model select printer model 3830 and hit print.
  9. Your printer and your laptop connected wireless so you don’t have to activate any service.

How to print from android phone to wireless printer

How to print from android phone to hp printer is not a bid deal. Follow the instructions and connect your mobile phone to printer wireless. Setup wireless connection between  printer mobile:

  • How you can use this printer in order to print something using your mobile.
  • Go to Google Play and type HP smart.
  • Next, go ahead but your cellphone and printer must be connected with same wireless network otherwise it won’t work.
  • Install the HP smart app everything takes some times and follow the cellphone screen.
  • When app has been installed in cellphone and open the app
  • Try to print that go to cellphone name print service plugin.
  • if you don’t have the Samsung print service then download that from Google Play.
  • It says the printer is not available it’s because this app has selected a different printer.
  • Yellow icon for print clicks on it and starts printing.