Hp Envy 5000 error in printing can be occur due to printer offline either printer 5000 is not connected to Wi-Fi. Here we are going to explain technical steps for printer 5000 offline troubleshooting. Chat with technical expert or follow the blog as mention below:

How to hopefully resolve issues printer issues. You may have with your printer on your Windows 7,8,10 or Mac. Apply this techniques or methods to any version of windows or windows Vista. Article is going to be focusing on the software side of errors meaning if your  hp envy 5000 offline windows 10 is actually physically damaged or the ink is messed up.

My hp envy 5000 is offline how to get back it online

Troubleshoot hp printer 5000 offline problem by following the steps given below.

  1. Click right on our printer and then left click on the troubleshoot option on this context menu.
  2. Point we can minimize out of the “Devices and Printers” window.
  3. Next, right now windows will just scan for any issues again.
  4. First step so it’s just kind of scan for different types of errors could be causing problems of our printer. Troubleshooter couldn’t identify the problem because just did a dry run.
  5. If you see anything that says fix selected issues you want to left click on that otherwise you left click on explore additional option.
  6. Go on this little option the bottom this is view detailed information. we get a mini log that we can see different reported items of the scan.
  7. Left click on this little pearl icon to print on my known your most cases that probably will not print so hopefully if you have any errors here you can just left click on next and should resolve any problems you have.
  8. Restart your computer.

Why does Hp envy 5000 series keeps going offline in windows 10

  1. You can also delete old printers here too so if you actually right-click the owner printer.
  2. Next, left-click on set as default printer and that will set as a default printer.
  3. You can also left click on remove device.
  4. If it was an old printer and you do not need it populating this list anymore but anyway, we’re going to pretend like that’s not our issue.
  5. Then we actually have a legitimate concern about one of our printers.
  6. Start by right-clicking on that printer.
  7. Try to look up to usually the printer manufacturer name is included in the printer.

Hp envy 5000 series showing offline in windows on the desktop if not on the front it should be pretty clearly visible on the side. So just keep that in mind and the pictures also can be helpful too. Because sometimes like larger more heavy duty printers will actually have different icons.

Why does my hp envy 5000 printer says offline

Follow the article and fix hp offline printer error and see if we can resolve the error not physically opening up a printer. Because there are an infinite number of printers. First step nonetheless so we’re going to jump right into it and we’re going to start by heading over.

  • Start menu and type in printer should be listed as “Devices and Printers” .
  • Click on right above the “control panel”. or it says that so you want to left-click on this.
  • Go over to the printer section and find which printer are default or current printers.

 Now this is also really important for troubleshooting process because be very mindful of what printer is currently sets as default. In some cases, your default printer might be a printer that’s not even hooked up to your computer or it could be an old printer has not been removed.

This can cause errors all in itself because obviously you can’t print to a printer that’s not there and you might just have to change your default printer.