Here we are going to show you how to fix the canon printer offline problem. This can be in any version of Windows 7, 8, 10, or mac and any canon printer model. You may have and if it’s a network printer it sometimes shows up as “offline” so go down to the search box.

why is canon printer offline with windows 10?

  1. Type here control panel or control.
  2. Then you can hit control panel here and this will open up your control panel window.
  3. you’re looking at this area here go to category at the top and go over to where it says Devices and Printers.
  4. Here you will see your printer now if you’re seeing this grayed out printer icon which is offline you see
  5. Status offline this is a common problem.

 Follow the article it shows you how to quickly rectifying, so the first thing what you’re going to do here is right-click on this and go to see what’s printing.

  1. Go up to the top left-hand corner
  2. Hit printer and remove the ticks from used printer offline and also pause printing.
  3. You want to remove those ticks by just clicking on them and removing them.
  4. Next up you can go to right-click and then come down to where it says troubleshoot on that printer.
  5. Run the troubleshooter this will try to fix any problems.
  6. Printer ok now once that is completed.

If still canon printer keeps going offline windows 10 then follow the article or chat with technician.

my canon wireless printer is offline how do i get it back online

Now you need to follow or do setup more technical setting that you can do and what we’re going to do is move onto the next step:

  • Go to the network icon here open network.
  • Internet settings inside here you’ll see your internet now whether you’re using Wi-Fi .
  • Click on that device you’re looking for sharing options.

Go to the Ethernet connection because there’s one connected to and I want you and here we want to go to “network and sharing” Center.

  • Next go up to the top left-hand side.
  • You have to click on change advanced sharing settings.
  • Look at network discovery is got the radio button on turn on network discovery.
  • Turn on to automatic setup for network connected devices.
  • Make sure you got turn on printer file and sharing.
  • Make sure that is all ticked and ready to go.
  • Now, you’ve got your radio buttons in the right one okay otherwise it won’t work.
  • Once you’ve got all this done you can check your public settings.
  • let’s go down to the search box and type services.

Why does my canon printer say its offline when its on and plugged in

The services pane here what you’re going to do is look for print spooler come down to the print spooler here. Beyond, that appease and you should see it inside here no just try and get the reason why canon printer offline while plugged in.

  1. Find it here there we go print spooler now. Windows 10 print spooler will not stay running.
  2. It may be running if it’s disabled.
  3. Turn it on to automatic if it is already running just click stop.
  4. Then click start and make sure the automatic start up type automatic is enabled ok sometimes it just gets a little bit jammed up just restart.
  5. Make sure is running automatic.
  6. Next up right clicks on the start button and go to device manager.

The device manager goes to your printer you can see here printers here is your printer right click on this. Check to make sure everything is running ok so go to properties you should see this device is working properly. Close this pane off and then right-click and go to uninstall device now you’ve got to uninstall options.

  • First uninstall will leave the driver on so you can try that method first before you do delete the driver software.
  • You can go up to the top here two actions just next to view here you’ll see action and you can scan for hardware devices.
  • What that will do is find the printer and then it all put the driver back on okay.

 How do i change my canon printer from offline to online wireless mac 

  1. Go to the mac setting.
  2. Click and uninstall printer completely.
  3. It’s still not working uninstall device put the ticket in delete.
  4. In this case it’s a Canon whatever printer you go to their website and download the canon printer drivers for that particular printer download the updated version as per right operating system.
  5. Run and then you can install this driver.
  6. Fix your problem sometimes their drivers get corrupted.
  7. Run then click on the install not going to go through the whole installation process.
  8. Click run on there is safe because it’s coming from the Canon website.
  9. Next up we’re gonna go back into control panel.
  10. Go back into Devices and Printers.
  11. Eve vices and Printers look for your printer and then once you find your printer.
  12. Right-click on this and then come back to printer properties.

Set canon printer IP address with desktop

  •  Click on ports configure port.
  • Remove SM MP status enable.
  • Remove this you can then apply.

Hopefully your printer will come back online and it will start to show that the printer is now online.

Right click on this and set this as “default printer” and you should get a little tick on it.

Hence, you can fix all kind of canon printer offline problems whether it is canon printer offline in windows7,8,10 or mac, either print job stuck in canon printer queue. Find and set IP address on canon printer by following the article.